Varun Gandhi appeals agitating 'Agnipath' protestors to remain 'non-violent'

New Delhi:

Putting out a video message on Twitter, BJP MP Varun Gandhi requested all the agitating youth, who are protesting against central government’s ‘Agnipath’ scheme, to remain non-violent and not to ‘resolve to violence’.

The BJP MP, who also criticized ‘Agnipath’ scheme on Friday, said that “A soldier first considers the interest of the country. It is therefore unethical to make demands by damaging the properties of the country.” 

He assured the youth that he will do anything possible in his capacity to make the concerns of the youngsters heard in the right place. His appeal came at a time when the entire country especially north India states witnessing large scale violent protests. The violence is growing rapidly in other parts of the country as well. As per the media reports, violent protests have claimed several lives in different parts of the country and massive damage to railway properties in Bihar. 

The outspoken leader has appealed to the youth that “Consider my appeal today as one coming from an elder brother. The solutions to critical problems lie in discussions. You are the future of the country and that’s why a lot is expected of you. I will do everything to make your demands heard.” He further added that “We are together in this. But on the path of non-violence. A soldier always thinks about the welfare of the country. Given this, it is wrong to place our demand by damaging the country’s properties.”

The BJP MP on Thursday wrote a letter to the defence minister of India Rajnath Singh raising the concerns of youngsters who have many questions and doubts over the scheme. 


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