Vadodara: Shama Bindu fulfills her sologamy wish, ties knot to herself

Bhupendra Thakur, Ahmedabad:

Shama Bindu, who came into the discussion about her own marriage, that is, self-marriage, has finally fulfilled her wish and has married herself. Shama got married in the presence of her relatives and friends. Without meeting any Pandit ji, Shama Bindu of Vadodara married herself to Gandharva and herself filled her demand with vermilion by wearing mangalsutra.

After the announcement of self-marriage, there was a lot of opposition to Shama Bindu and the protest had increased so much that even the Pandit had refused to get Shama married, so she chanted by playing a video on mobile. Three female friends and two men attended Shama’s wedding. After marriage, Shama came in front of the media and expressed her happiness.

Shama Bindu, who lives in a rented flat on Subhanpura Road, Vadodara, got into controversy when she announced her marriage to herself. Shama had earlier announced that she would marry herself in a Hindu ceremony at the temple, which was opposed by Sunita Shukla, former deputy mayor of Vadodara. That’s why Shama had postponed getting married in the temple. Shama had announced her marriage on June 11, but before that she surprised everyone by getting married.

Earlier, Shama Bindu had talked about making a distance from the media by posting on social media. After raising the objection of the society, she also posted a video on social media saying that no media person should come near her house or society because the residents of her society have problems and they are thinking that all this is for publicity.


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