Uttar Pradesh: Section 144 enforced in Kanpur, police on high alert


After the Friday prayers on June 3 in Kanpur city, there is a high alert in the state today due to disturbances and violence. Section 144 has been implemented in Kanpur, while police teams are extremely vigilant regarding Friday prayers in all police station areas of other cities.

The administration is ready for the Friday prayers to be held on Friday in Kanpur. Section 144 has been implemented in the district today. Today, Friday prayers are also to be held, for which the administration is taking special vigilance. The district and police administration is keeping a close eye on the city with additional police force. 

The city as well as other sensitive areas are being monitored by drones. Today, the police intelligence system has also been placed on high alert. The cyber cell of the police is also active regarding those who spread rumors on the internet media. So that those who spread misleading news on internet media can be tightened. A peace committee has been formed at the ACP level which will appeal for peace today.

According to Kanpur Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena, the people of the Peace Committee will be present everywhere on Friday. The administration is not in a relaxed mood regarding Friday prayers in Kanupar today. That is why section 144 is applicable in the city today. An appeal is being made to all to maintain peace. The DGP headquarters has instructed to be vigilant in the entire state regarding Friday prayers. ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar said that those who spoil the environment have been asked to deal strictly. He said that the police is also talking to the religion gurus and keeping an eye on the chaotic elements. Immediate action will be taken against anyone who makes a mistake.

The police is on high alert regarding Friday prayers in Tajnagari Agra today. Police have patrolled sensitive areas on foot. This process will happen again in the afternoon. At the same time, all sensitive areas are being monitored by drones. Magistrates have also been deployed in sensitive areas of the district. Police force and officers have been on alert since morning.

Additional security in Varanasi

Strict security arrangements have been made in Gyanvapi Mosque for Friday prayers in Varanasi. There are instructions to take strict action against those who spread any kind of rumor. After sealing the vajukhana of Gyanvapi mosque during the proceedings of the Advocate Commissioner, the fourth Friday prayer is to be held in the mosque today. Strict security arrangements have been made for this. Police in Varanasi are in alert mode after rumors of a bandh in the name of Jamiat-ul-Olma-e-Hind went viral in the internet media on Thursday. Strict action has been directed against those who spread rumors. 

The local intelligence unit has also been alerted. In order to maintain law and order, the Anjuman Intejamia Masjid, the body overseeing Gyanvapi Masjid, as well as the Bunkar Biradrana Tanjim Baisi Committee, an organization of weavers, issued an appeal, urging them to maintain peace and not pay any attention to rumors. Has gone

Drone surveillance of areas near mosques in Bareilly: Drone surveillance of rooftops around mosques in Bareilly, similar stones were discovered a day ago. Two drones have been given to each police station area. In Muslim-majority areas, five company PACs, two companies RAF have been deployed along with police station police. Police have been deployed around all major mosques in Pilibhit. Officers have been taking stock of the security arrangements since this morning. Vigilance is also increasing in Aligarh. Yesterday, a post appealing for market closure was made on internet media. Three people have been detained last night in this case. Police have been deployed in sensitive areas.

Vigilance in Meerut as well

Vigilance is increasing in Meerut too. The district has been divided into seven zones and police have been deployed around all the major mosques. All the officers including DM SSP are taking stock of the security arrangements. Internet media is being closely monitored. The district and police administration is on alert regarding Friday prayers in Kasganj district. Police have been deployed in Muslim-majority areas and places of worship with mixed population. Force is deployed in Firozabad city and mixed population. Work could not start here due to non-arrival of artisans and laborers of special community in bangle factories. 

It was rumored that the factory was closed here yesterday. There is an alert in all police stations regarding Friday prayers in Lakhimpur Khiri. There are instructions to patrol the force everywhere. At the same time, the district and police administration has appealed to the people to maintain peace.

After the Friday prayers in Kanpur last Friday, after a dispute between the two sides, there was also firing with stones. After the prayers, a Muslim organization closed the marketTried to remove the parade. On June 3, President Ramnath Kovind was accompanied by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the Kanpur countryside.


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