Top army general links Agnipath with josh, jazba, junoon


While speaking on the army’s newly launched ‘Agnipath’ Scheme for youth of country, Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi GoC-in-C, Northern Command said the scheme will train youth and inculcate nationalism among the youth. The youth after four year stint will be able to work anywhere as trained and disciplined soldiers.

General Upendra Dwivedi said, this will be part of SKILL development initiatives through ITI. All cadets will be provided certificates of Skill that will help them in future jobs. This policy will bring down recruitment age down to 26 from 32 years in the army. The cadets will be given 24-32 week basic training and followed by specialised training.

Army Commander General Upendra Dwivedi said, After four years 25 percent of the cadet will get a call as regular soldiers. And this will now be process for regular recruitments in army except medical corps.

The policy will not compromise security of borders in any way, Young jawans will help in high altitude areas like Ladakh and Kashmir.

On fears that jawans may join militant ranks after discharge, General Upendra Dwivedi said, the army training will inculcate army discipline in youth and fears of youth taking wrong paths after four years cannot be predicted. But army is sure that agniveers will be better civic sense civilians with ethos of social services than average population in the country.

GOC-in-C on two fronts (Pakistan & China) in Northern command and need for more troops said that In high altitude we need younger men. Older do have some issues due to less oxygen availability. Keeping young men there is better and the Agniveers will definitely will help to cater that challenge as well.


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