THESE common mistakes can damage your iPhone, know here

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: If you are an iPhone user, then you must have also realized that there are times when the battery of your iPhone gets depleted very fast and gets down within an hour. In such a situation, you would think that this is a problem of the smartphone, whereas it is not. Actually, the battery problem in the iPhone starts many times due to the mistakes of the users and today we are going to tell you about the same mistakes that users usually make. So let’s know which are these mistakes.

Avoid Fake Chargers

If you charge your iPhone with a fake charger, then there is no good in doing so. Actually, the fake charger has a bad effect on the battery and many times it starts supplying less or more power than required. Because of this, there is a bad effect on the battery.

Excessive gaming

If you play high graphics games, then do not do this because too much gaming also affects the battery badly. If you do gaming a lot then stop doing it.

half charging

If you do not fully charge the iPhone, then change the habit of doing this because half-charging the phone halfway is a problem, you should at least charge the phone properly once because times Charging the phone after discharging can cause battery issues.

Using phone while charging

If you use it while charging the iPhone, then you may have to face battery related problems, to avoid this problem it is necessary to use it fully charged.


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