Teddi Mellencamp and Lisa Vanderpump Have Finally Ended 'Puppygate' Feud

It was the saga that would dominate “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for years, and seemingly was never going to end. Of course we’re talking about “Puppygate” — and finally, it’s over! Well, maybe.

“RHOBH” alum Teddi Mellencamp opened up about the sordid drama that first took place three years ago, and led to Lisa Vanderpump stepping away from the show, on the latest episode of her podcast with Tamra Judge, “Two Ts in a Pod.”

Perhaps, now that they’re both gone, tempers have calmed. In fact, the pair hung out after the “MTV Movie & TV Awards” at TomTom, the West Hollywood bar Vanderpump co-owns with her husband Ken Todd and Toms Schwartz and Sandoval from “Vanderpump Rules.”

At least, they hung after Mellencamp approached Vanderpump’s husband Ken and asked if he thought it might be good to “clear the air.” He gave her the go-ahead to give it a shot.

With Judge in tow after the awards show, Mellencamp and Vanderpump had what Mellencamp described as “a nice conversation” with both parties “respectful to one another.”

It was a huge step for the pair, with Mellencamp admitting it had literally been years since she and Vanderpump had even spoken, and that the last time they did speak, it “was not good.”

“Ultimately, we just went through it,” she explained. The issue was unresolved in part, Mellencamp believes, because Vanderpump opted out of the “RHOBH” Season 9 reunion, largely because of “Puppygate.”

As such, Mellencamp said they worked through the issue in the bar much as they probably could have and would have done had Vanderpump showed up for that reunion episode.

As for “Puppygate” itself, that story has always been and will probably always remain a murky mess.

There was a dog adopted by Dorit Kemsley from Vanderpump’s organization, and then that dog wound up with another family, before winding up in a kill shelter. Chaos ensued as lies intersected with truths so haphazardly, no one really knows what happened!

Suffice to say, though, it left some seriously hurt feelings with Vanderpump, in particular, leading to her stepping away from the show. Thankfully, time and a willingness to have the hard conversations — and possibly the ease of doing so without cameras — have apparently healed this hurt.

Well, “healed-ish,” as Mellencamp put it. She believes that they’re in a better place now, but they’re unlikely to hook up for lunch or anything in the near future. Still, here’s to letting go of the past and looking ahead!

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