Taylor Lautner Splits His Pants Dancing to Mulan Soundtrack While Attending Friend's Wedding

Taylor Lautner is determined to show off his moves no matter what the cost!

The “Twilight” star proved that he’s a wedding guest who knows how to have fun when he shared a video of himself dancing his heart out with a group of friends this weekend.

Dancing to “Mulan’s” “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” the 30-year-old actor was led into a dance circle when he started to perform backflips, cart wheels and jump splits with his friend PK Creedon.

Lautner captioned the video, “Don’t invite me to your wedding, play the Mulan soundtrack and expect THIS not to happen.”

In a separate post highlighting the weekend’s festivities, Lautner also included the aftermath of striking such ferocious moves.

“Hang out with us,” he motioned to the camera before revealing that his pants had split into two. “This is how much fun we have.”

His friend Farnum was heard commenting on Lautner’s choice of underwear, “I’m jealous of the sparkles no cap,” he laughed.

His fiancee, Taylor Dome, also commented on his antics below his post, “Note to self – make sure taylor’s wedding day pants have some stretch to them.”

Back in January, Lautner spoke with Extra Magazine to gush about his excitement to plan his own wedding with his bride-to-be.

He laughed, “I will be involved because I am so excited, but we haven’t started yet… We’re taking time… to just enjoy this moment because we’re both super excited about it.”

When asked how the “Abduction” star knew she was the one, he joked that he knew because they shared the same name.

“We have the same name — it’s pretty simple,” he teased. “Yeah, a lot of our friends just call us like girl Tay and boy Tay, or she’s Tay and I’m Taylor.” He went on, “How I knew, it was just like, she’s the best person… She’s just, she’s my best friend… I strive to be more like her every day, and that’s how I knew.”

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