Tata Safari spied with green plates! Check details

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After searching the number plate through the details of several vehicles, it turned out that it still looks like an XZA with a 2 OL Kryotec B56 engine. But the number plate is green, indicating that it is an EV. So why is Tata Safari registered as diesel on the RTO website, wearing a green blank plate? Here are some explanations for this confusing quote of Tata Safari Electric shooting,

Tata Safari Electric Spied

As we all know, Tata Safari gets the only 2.0L Kryotec diesel engine available from Stellantis (formerly, Fiat Chrysler) which produces 168 bhp and 350 Nm. Tate Motors has tested Safan with a petrol engine and in the test mule, you will see a red number. It is because in India every single EV test mule or not, is given a red number.

Only finished product for private use, obtain standard phone numbers from RTO. The white board with the black font shows the PV (passenger car), the yellow board with the black font shows the LCV (light commercial vehicle) and HCV (heavy trade vehicle). Although the black board with the yellow font shows the rental cars driving themselves. EVs get two types of number plates where the board is green on both sides and the car has a white font, electric PV and yellow tone CV electric

Tata Safari electric spotted has a green board with a white font indicating that it is electric PV But Tala has never presented it if you suspect it is a game or its owner is committing a scam, it does not seem so. as a number plate is a well-printed number plate with non-removable bolts with an RTOX hologram as well. It does not look like a fake number plate.

Tata Safari EV?

This car looks like an EV as it is registered with RIO. But it is not a mule that Dad is testing as he does not have a red number. This could be the work of an outside company that has developed a Safari EV conversion kit. We do not know the company name from now on. But making an EV conversion kit is not a bad thing

Electrical and electrical equipment is one of the most complex aspects of automotive development. All EVs should be customized taking into account the appropriate voltage architecture. Then comes the difficulty of battery packing, car placement, bulk installation, weight distribution, gravity center, internal packaging and new battery in place, battery drain closure. battery cooling solutions, battery control system adjustment and braking to carry extra weight and a million other features. It is not an easy task to remove the engine and replace the batteries.

We have seen EV conversion kits like this before. Our bet is that the Tato Satan Electric conversion kit is developed by someone, who has good resources to support it. The vehicle in question appears to be an indication of investors, bankers or even government officials. The company appears to have first purchased Tete Sefan XZA + and converted to EV and re-registered as EV fram RTO. In that case, the distance from Tata Safari Electric could be somewhere between 300 500 kms. Whatever it is, it looks promising. Should you have any further information, please contact


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