Spencer Pratt Says He Told Brody Jenner to Date Lauren Conrad on The Hills, Talks Regret Over Sex Tape Storyline

Spencer Pratt is spilling some tea about “The Hills” — and as per usual, the reality star didn’t hold back.

During a wide-ranging interview on Wednesday’s episode of “Call Her Daddy,” Pratt, 38, opened up about his time on the MTV reality show, including his brutally honest thoughts about his former co-star and friend, Lauren “LC” Conrad.

At one point during his discussion with “CHD” host, Alex Cooper, Pratt shared a bold claim about Conrad’s on-screen relationship with Brody Jenner. According to the MTV star, he told Jenner to split with Nicole Richie in order to “fake” date Conrad.

When asked about his “first impression” of Conrad, 36, Pratt said she was a “nice girl.”

“It was all good, to the point where I talked Brody into breaking up with Nicole Richie to fake double-date with LC,” he claimed. “That’s the level of how I felt about her. [It was] like, ‘Let me help make your life better by bringing the best-looking guy in Hollywood right now, who all the girls want to date — I’ll get him to break up with his celebrity, superstar girlfriend. I will get him to come on your show, pretend to be your interest … everyone wins.'”

“I’m a teammate … The team wins, that’s how I always thought. So I was like, ‘Let’s all win. We’ll double date,'” he added, referring to Conrad, Jenner, and his wife Heidi Montag. (This was all, of course, before Pratt and Montag’s friendship with Conrad blew up.)

As Pratt pointed out, he was “already in the game from working with the paparazzi” at the time as he had created and produced the series “Princes of Malibu.”

For their first double-date at The Grove, Pratt said he set things up with the paps so they would be shot at their date. However, he claimed that Conrad was angered by this.

“So that was when I was like, ‘Oh, you’re not all there … don’t have a full deck running here as you’re trying to be on your second television show,'” Pratt recalled. “I’m all for people who don’t want to be famous, but, like, you’re a second show, like you spun off. … You are choosing the path of fame.”

Despite having been on “Laguna Beach” prior to “The Hills,” Pratt claimed that Conrad didn’t fully “understand” how fame, publicity and tabloids worked in Los Angeles — at least not as he did.

“I just watched a season 2 episode. LC knew [about fame], because if you look at her on the couch, she has every tabloid on her lap,” he said. “That’s what she’s reading.”

“[She] didn’t understand, like, I was ahead of this game,” he later added. “I already saw how this worked on a way bigger scale because I’m not from Laguna Beach, I’m from [Los Angeles].”

Pratt ultimately credited himself with his ability to navigate fame, saying, “All due respect to LC, she had never been in the tabloids, until I unlocked that for her.”

As for Conrad and Jenner’s romance, Pratt said, “Eventually, Brody couldn’t play pretend anymore. I wasn’t saying fake date LC. That wasn’t the initiative. … I was hoping it worked out. It didn’t work out from night one.”

Meanwhile, also during the conversation, Pratt expressed his regrets over agreeing to the infamous “Hills” storyline about Conrad’s alleged sex tape with ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler.

If fans can recall, the rumors were the center of Conrad’s fallout with Montag and therefore, Pratt, whom Conrad always accused of starting the rumors. As Montag stood by her man, Lauren turned on her former friend. After years of Pratt and Montage denying any involvement, Pratt later admitted in a 2015 interview with Complex that he leaked the story. Conrad and Wahler have always denied the existence of the tape.

When Cooper asked Pratt if there was a “specific manufactured storyline [he] regret[s] saying yes to,” Pratt named the sex tape drama.

Pratt said he initially assumed it was just for “clout” and not a “negative,” citing how Kim Kardashian “made so much money off of hers.”

“No tape even ended up coming out,” Pratt said. “That’s why I played along …”

“The Hills,” which was, of course, a spinoff of “Laguna Beach,” ran for six seasons on MTV from 2006 to 2010. Pratt joined the series in Season 2 and appeared until the series finale. He went on to star in the sequel series, “The Hills: New Beginnings,” which was canceled in January 2022 after only two seasons.

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