South Carolina Man Accused of Using Stolen Bulldozer For 'Revenge' Murder

A South Carolina man has been accused of attempted murder after allegedly stealing a bulldozer and ramming into a nearby house.

According to the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office, police responded to a call about a tractor — whose motor was still running — driving into a shed around 4:30 in the morning on June 9.

After successfully turning off its engine, deputies discovered the bulldozer in question had been stolen from a nearby construction site and “aimed in the direction of” a house — causing “extensive damage to the side porch, a carport, and then a block shed at the rear of the house.”

Police then arrested a suspect, 41-year-old Robert Fred Robarge, a week later on June 17 “without incident.” He was charged with attempted murder, malicious injury to property and grand larceny and remains behind bars after bond was denied over the weekend.

“Our investigating Deputies determined this was act of revenge for allegations made in a previous case,” said Sheriff Lee Foster in a release. “This was a very dangerous and costly act of vengeance that could have cost the life of the person inside the house or someone traveling on Jollystreet Road in the early morning darkness.”

“This criminal act shows just how far a defendant will take actions to destroy the lives of others,” he concluded, “which will not be tolerated.”

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