Smart Jodi: Deepti Tuli expresses her feelings on National TV

New Delhi: 

Star Plus’s Smart Jodi is a reality show with top 10 real-life celebrity couples who compete against each other in a fun and entertaining task. The show started in February as the couples battled it out to win hearts with their chemistry and performance.

As soon as it debuted, the show became a fan favourite. Viewers enjoyed the couple’s charms and fun because they were candid as hell, and fans got a glimpse of how they are in real life.

The show has everything from the exciting tasks, games, and


that always keeps the on-lookers hooked on. Now that the show has reached its finale stage, the excitement of the fans is bigger than ever.

In the finale episode of Smart Jodi, Balraj Syal and his wife Deepti Tuli earned a lot of praise for their task. However, in their journey on the show, the couple made many interesting revelations when asked about their love and compatibility.

In the finale episode, Deepti Tuli revealed that “Pehle hummey pyaar nahi tha, pyaar hummey shaadi ke baad hua. This show has given us the opportunity to spend so much time together and learn so much about each other. Inko wife nahi life chahiye and I want to be that family.”

The duo, who have a humongous fan base, have not only won the love showered by their fans but also the hard work that was put in to get there.

So, are you excited about the finale episode of Smart Jodi? We sure are. Tune in to the finale of Smart Jodi this Sunday at 8 pm only on Star Plus.


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