Seth Meyers Gets Face Tattoos, Argues Superheroes with Post Malone in Wild 'Day Drinking'

Seth Meyers’ signature piece on “Late Night” may be “Seth Meyers Rocks,” but we’d give “Day Drinking” a close second in that race as it never fails to entertain.

What’s that? You don’t recall “Seth Meyers Rocks”? Maybe that’s because that’s what Post Malone thought his signature piece was called, rather than “A Closer Look.” Clearly, Post hasn’t been following Meyers’ show all that closely (he only does the piece thrice weekly!).

The rapper was Seth’s latest guest for “Day Drinking,” and things went as delightfully goofy as usual on this segment. If there’s one thing these pieces assure us every time, it’s that Seth would probably be an absolute blast to go out drinking with.

After this latest installment, we’ll put Post right into that category. They were both giggly, but not nearly as incoherent as some past installments. We can’t help but wonder if that had anything to do with some of those foul concoctions they downed.

We were dying as Seth trashed his team for getting the wording of one of Post’s tattoos wrong in the drink he poured inspired by it — only to later have to apologize to them because the drink was inspired by the tat, thus having a different name.

The drink inspired by Post’s “Always Tired” ink involves coffee, Red Bull, 4 Loco and Pixie Stix. Seth was horrified by it, but Post just downed it. “I think that’s pretty good,” he laughed. “You can sell that.”

The mix wasn’t nearly as successful — though we blame a very generous Tabasco pour — for the drink inspired by his Johnny Cash tattoo. It’s not Post’s fault Seth’s team picked the song “Ring of Fire” to build the drink around.

“Why did you get a Johnny Cash tattoo?” Seth lamented after both gagged at the drink.

“It wasn’t about spicy foods,” Post shot back.

Later, and perhaps inevitably, Seth let Post ink up his face so they could both sport tattoos. He requested ink inspired by his favorite football team, the Steelers, his favorite superhero, The Flash, and his dog, Frisbee.

What he got was — not that. When he complained, Post shot back that it’s “because the Steelers suck and The Flash is slow compared to Superman.”

In their inebriation, we can’t quite explain how this turned into a full-on fight over their favorite superheroes that somehow culminated in Post arguing that Superman could beat Hawkeye in a bow-and-arrow race.

Seriously, some things you just have to experience for yourself. And you can do just that in the video above.

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