School operator receives threat call from Lawrence Bishnoi's gang, says 'will kidnap you Monday'

New Delhi: 

A school operator in Gurugram has received a threat call from an unidentified caller in the name of the gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. The Gurugram police has filed the complaint as the victim approached them. They have already initiated an investigation into the matter. 

Lawrence Bishnoi is a gangster who is currently serving time in Tihar jail. He admitted that members of his gang were directly involved in the murder of the famous Punjabi singer and the Congress leader Siddhu Moosewala. 

The victim who identifies himself as Jaipal Singh is a resident of Jai Hind Ki Dhani in Farukhnagar. He is the director of Guru Dronacharya School situated in Bhangraula. 

On Friday evening, he received a call from an unknown number. The caller identified himself as a member of the gang headed by Lawrence Bishnoi. The person made a threat on the call saying, “I will abduct you on Monday”.

Jaipal Singh confronted him asking what the matter was and the person replied, “I will tell you on Monday only,” and disconnected the call. 

When Jaipal Singh tried to call back, the number was not reachable. He immediately ran to the Farukhnaga Police Station to lodge a complaint against the threat that was made to him. The Police registered his complaint under section 506 of the IPC. 

The section 506 of the Indian Penal Code defines the punishment for criminal intimidation. A person booked under this section- shall be punished with imprisonment of either description of a term which may extend up to two years, or fine, or with both. Any offence registered under IPC section 506 is cognizable and non-bailable for 6 months. 

Larence Bishnoi’s gang is active in the state of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh. Bishnoi had earlier made headlines by threatening to kill Bollywood actor Salman Khan. An earlier video of him threatening Salman Khan from inside a police vehicle went viral after Siddhu Moosewala’s murder. Lawrence can be seen saying that, “we will kill Salman Khan here only. When we do so everyone will know”. He was on his way to be produced in Jodhpur jail in Rajasthan.

Lawrence has a history of criminal cases including murder, extortion, intimidation. This in itself is a question that how a convicted criminal is able to operate from within the premises of jail. 


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