Russia to test intercontinental missile next week, Vladimir Putin issues warning

Russia-Ukraine War: 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced an intercontinental missile test next week amid the Russia-Ukraine war. The missile will be launched over an area larger than England.

However, information about the missile has not been given.

Residents of the Kamchatka peninsula – an area larger than England – have been warned of the launch of a giant intercontinental ballistic missile, said a Daily Star report. 

It will be launched in the first three days of next week. However, it is not clear which missile and launching pad will be used. Residents of the Kamchatka region have been warned about the upcoming missile test.

On April 20, the Russian military test-fired the Shaitan-2 intercontinental ballistic missile. These missiles can carry nuclear weapons with them. 10 or more warheads can be installed in this missile. ICBM missiles have a minimum range of 5,500 km. According to the report, the Russian military has also developed a missile to test its 208-ton hypersonic weapon, also known as the Sarmat missile.

Administration officials in Kamchatka have issued a warning to residents and tourists in the region that the missile test will happen relatively soon. Launching can happen any day between June 6 and June 10. “We are announcing the upcoming launch for the movement of people, all types of equipment, aviation flights and tourist groups,” a statement from the authorities said.

Hypersonic Zircon cruise missile test fired

On June 2, Russia completed the test of its new hypersonic Zircon cruise missile from the guided missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov. This Russian warship will be the first on which the Zircon cruise missile will be deployed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described Zircon as a unique armored system of the new generation. This missile is 9 times faster than the speed of sound. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry says last week it successfully test-fired a Zircon cruise missile from a ship in the Barents Sea at a target about 1,000 km (625 miles) away in the White Sea.

Kinjal Hypersonic Missile

In addition, the Kinjal hypersonic missile was successfully test-fired in March. Kinjal is a Russian word meaning dagger. President Vladimir Putin calls this missile an ‘ideal weapon’, because this missile with a range of 1500 to 2000 km can also drop a nuclear bomb.

This missile was first tested in 2018. The Kinjal missile travels at a speed of 10 times that of sound and is capable of attacking at a speed of 3 km per second.


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