Rupee at All Time Low: Rupee plunges against US dollar, reaches lowest ever level

New Delhi:

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which has been going on for almost 110 days, is having an impact on the world economy. India is not immune to this.

The Indian Rupee has depreciated sharply against the US Dollar. On Monday (June 13), the first day of this trading week, the rupee touched its all-time low against the dollar.

This is the first time ever that the rupee has fallen below 78 against the dollar. Today, the rupee opened 28 paise lower at 78.12 against the dollar. Thus, for the first time today, the rupee has weakened and crossed the level of Rs 78. Earlier on Friday, the rupee had lost 7 paise to close at 77.83 against the dollar.

According to analysts, the rupee has depreciated sharply due to the weakening trend in the domestic stock market, continued withdrawal of foreign funds and continued strengthening of the US dollar. The rupee has depreciated sharply against the dollar on heavy selling by foreign investors and inflation in the US.


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