RS polls: 'Congress behind BJP's rise in nation,' says JD (S) leader chief HD Kumaraswamy


Janata Dal (Secular) chief HD Kumaraswamy on Friday labelled the Congress as team ‘B’ of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and said the grand-old party is the reason behind the ‘rise of BJP’ in the nation. The JD (S) leader had accused the Congress of indulging in ‘horse-trading’.

“I had said that Srinivasa Gowda will vote for Congress. SR Srinivas also didn’t vote for JD(S). Congress has shown its true face today. Congress is the ‘B’ team of the BJP. They are the main culprit for rise of BJP in the country,” said Kumaraswamy. 

After casting his vote, Gowda said, “I have voted for Congress.. because I love it.” 

Kumaraswamy, earlier in the day, alleged that the Congress leader pressurrised JD(S) MLAs to not vote for their own party but that of the candidate of the grand old party.

“Yes, definitely. He is pressurising them not to vote for JD(S),” Kumaraswamy told media persons on being asked about Siddaramaiah’s claims that some JD(S) MLAs were in touch with him.

The former Karnataka chief minister also pointed out that Siddaramaiah had refuted allegations of writing an open letter to JDS MLAs requesting them to cast their “conscience vote” in favour of his party’s candidate.

“Today, before local media he (Siddaramaiah) has said that he didn’t write to my MLAs. He had even tweeted the letter from his social media account. Now, he’s denying what he said yesterday. This shows his double standards,” the JD(S) leader added.

Six candidates are in the fray for four Rajya Sabha seats from Karnataka.

A day ahead of the polling, former state chief minister and Janata Dal (Secular) leader HD Kumaraswamy on Thursday urged the Congress to give its second preferential votes to JDS, if it really wanted to defeat BJP


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