Real World's Julie Stoffer Gets 'Hall Pass' from Husband to Do 'Anything' She Wants with Roommate (Exclusive)

Julie Stoffer just got the green light to make a move on her “Real World Homecoming: New Orleans” roommate Jamie Murray … from her own husband!

In case you haven’t been keeping up, the ex-Mormon previously revealed she and Murray hooked up after their initial season aired back in the day. The two have seemed chummy so far during the revival — which also included a visit to the house by Stoffer’s husband, Spencer.

While Spencer’s sleepover was kinda weird — the two made a tent outside and proceeded to get frisky in it, while the whole house listened — the situation really blew up when he left and took a peek at the couple’s joint Spotify account. Julie’s husband found a shared playlist she had with Jamie called “Roping,” which he apparently thought was some kind of sex thing. He started “freaking out” and worried something was going on between the two roommates.

In this sneak peek at Wednesday’s new hour (above), Julie is seen filling Danny Roberts in on the playlist drama before dropping a bombshell. “Yesterday, I wake up to this super romantic text message from him and he’s essentially giving me a hall pass, telling me I can do anything I want,” she tells Danny, who appears shocked by the intel.

Telling Julie he doesn’t know much about their relationship or their “level of trust,” he says that it sounded like Spencer was “triggered” by her being in the house. “It sounds like it’s likely a made up story in his head,” he explains, adding that it seemed like “there’s something about Jamie that makes him feel insecure.”

Though Julie believes Spencer is “not a jealous person” and the playlist seems to be what set him off, Danny says it’s probably deeper than that. “This is called confirmation bias,” he says, explaining that this situation has probably only reinforced something with which Spencer was already struggling. “This is where your solid trust that you two have, he has to ground himself in that again,” he adds.

In a confessional, Julie says she was “almost tempted” to read her husband’s text out loud for the cameras, but ultimately does not.

“It’s so f—ing weird,” she continues. “We don’t have an open marriage. I’ve only ever been with Spencer and Spencer’s only ever been with me since we met. But we’ve always said strict monogamy is a really weird interesting thing because if you’re not careful it can start to feel like a prison. So this is just such a weird, interesting dynamic and I just don’t know what to do with that.”

In his own confessional, Danny admits he’d “probably have some concerns too” if he were in Spencer’s shoes — especially after Julie opened up to them all about the “past trysts” she had with Jamie.

“Even though Jamie is very much married, feelings we have for other people don’t tend to vanish into thin air,” concludes Danny, “and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

New episodes of “Real World Homecoming: New Orleans” drop Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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