Ranawaka opts to beindependent

…won’t accept ministerial portfolio

SJB MP Champika Ranawaka yesterday announced that he would act as an independent MP. Making a special statement, Ranawaka told the House that he had conveyed his decision to Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa.

Ranawaka said that he would not accept any ministerial post.

“Hereafter, I will act as an independent MP of the Opposition. I informed SJB leader Sajith Premadasa of my decision in writing, a few days ago. We joined the SJB on the basis of an MoU signed on 18 March 2020. My decision to act independently is in accordance with the substance of the content of that MoU. I have no intention of obtaining a ministerial post in this government. The government should face changes substantively if it is to find solutions to problems faced by the people. First of all, it should be an all-party government set up for a specific time period if it is to be called an interim government. I will not take time to talk about the crisis prevailing in this country. Many other MPs have spoken of various facets of the crisis.

I warned of this crisis in 2013. I also wrote a book warning of this situation under the title ‘Aalapaalu Arthikaya’ (Doom-boom economy) and further warned in another book titled ‘Arthika Arbudaya Paamula’ (At the threshold of an economic crisis) in 2016. I have no happiness to see that what I predicted has come true.

“The Prime Minister presented a programme to this House on Tuesday. Its implementation may be based on the IMF assistance or the basic principle of contracting the consumption as a nation. Come what may, such a programme cannot be successfully carried out without fulfilling a single political condition – which is overlooking the narrow political differences that exist among us. That power struggle has to be suspended to focus on implementing the solutions. People know that instead of finding solutions to the problems we face, we are engaged in petty politics and settling our political scores here. They detest this House. I will never betray the aspirations of those who voted for me.”


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