Racist FedEx Customer Does Not Like Driver Driving on His Driveway

A FedEx driver is being hailed a hero for the professional way he handled a racist customer angry that someone was driving… on his driveway.

TikTok user @Maarco29 shared footage of the disturbing encounter online Tuesday, to his widespread acclaim across social media.

The video shows Marco in his truck, driving up a gravel driveway in Washington, clearly with no idea how difficult this package delivery is about to become.

“How’s it going man?” Marco politely greets the male customer, who isn’t quite as cordial in his response.

“I’m not doing too good. I own that driveway, and I own this driveway,” he exclaims. “When I see somebody with a van doing this down the f**king driveway, it pisses me off.”

“I maintain that driveway and I maintain this f**king driveway. If I see this f**king van doing it again, there’s going to be hell to pay. I know you’re bringing shit to my house…”

Marco — again, politely — tells him: “Hey sir, look, I’ll deliver to your house but you gotta keep it professional too, okay?”

The customer opts not to keep it so.

“You’re delivering the f**king packages — respect the f**king slow sign or don’t f**king come in my driveway!” he roars.

Marco asks him not to scream at him, but the customer opts against this, too.

“I’ll f**king scream at you all the f**k I want! All I hear is your truck f**king ripping! I’ll do whatever the f**k I want, you’re on my property motherf**ker! If you don’t want to listen to me get the f**k out of here!”

The driver, never losing his cool, asks the man “Do you not want your package?” He is told “I don’t give a f**k. Get the f** out of here.”

So Marco goes to depart with an “Okay. Have a good day.”

However, another person, who appears equally irate, arrives on the scene to demand her package first.

“He says he doesn’t want it,” Marco patiently explains. And that’s when it gets racist.

“Go back to f**king Mexico you f**king beaner!” the man can be heard yelling from the house. “I got bigger cojones than you, come over to me!”

“You know what, I’m leaving,” Marco tells the woman asking for her package. “Have a good day.”

“I want my shipment right now. Drop it off right now!” she demands.

“He’s threatening me, I’m not going to stay. You can call FedEx,” he tells her, before calmly driving away along the precious driveway, leaving her screeching in his wake.

On Reddit and TikTok, commenters applauded Marco’s patience and professionalism, with many admitting they would not have handled it the same.

“I’d have floored it out of the driveway in first gear, get that gravel moving,” one confessed.

“Can we figure out who this guy is I wanna tip him or throw money his way he handled that so well,” a second wrote.

“This driver deserves a big raise, he handled respectfully, I would handle it way different and possible get fired,” a third agreed.

Other still were confused as to how someone could get so worked up by a driveway being used for its intended purpose.

“If only a driveway was meant for cars,” one mused.

“The audacity of this man,” another joked. “To drive on a driveway.”

TooFab has reached out to FedEx for comment.

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