PPF: Invest just Rs 7500 in THIS wonderful scheme, become a MILLIONAIRE till retirement; Know how


If you want to be a millionaire, now is the time. Begin investing today in order to become a millionaire. This does not require a large investment, but only a few rupees must be invested in the Public Provident Fund each month. If you continue to invest in the manner described here, you will become a millionaire before retiring.

Long-term investment

Public Provident Fund is a better long-term investment option with high returns. PPF allows you to invest up to Rs 1.5 lakh per year, or Rs 12,500 per month. If you want to become a millionaire, you must know how much and how long you must invest each month.

PPF offers 7.1 percent interest

The government currently pays an annual interest rate of 7.1 percent on the PPF account. It is a 15-year investment. As a result, a monthly investment of Rs 12500 will grow to Rs 40,68,209 after 15 years. The total investment is Rs 22.5 lakh, and the interest is Rs 18,18,209.

A one crore rupee fund will be deposited in this manner

Case 1

1. Assume you are 30 years old and have begun investing in PPF.

2. If you deposit Rs 12500 in PPF every month for 15 years, you will have Rs 40,68,209 at the end.

3. You no longer need to withdraw this money; instead, you continue to move PPF for a period of 5-5 years.

4. That is, after 15 years, continue to invest for 5 more years, resulting in a total of Rs 66,58,288 after 20 years.

5. After 20 years, increase the investment for the next 5 years, so that after 25 years, the amount is Rs 1,03,08,015.

This is how you get to be a millionaire

You’re a millionaire, after all. That is, if you invest Rs 12500 in PPF every month when you are 30, you will be a millionaire after 25 years, or when you are 55. Please keep in mind that the PPF account has a 15-year maturity period. If this account is to be extended for 15 years, it can be extended for another five years.

Case 2

If you want to invest a small amount in PPF instead of Rs 12500 and become a millionaire by the age of 55, you must start earlier.

1. Assume you began contributing Rs 10,000 to your PPF account at the age of 25.

2. Based on 7.1 percent, your total value after 15 years is Rs 32,54,567.

3. Increase it again for 5 years, and the total value after 20 years will be Rs 53,26,631.

4. Extend it for another 5 years, and the total value after 25 years will be – 82,46,412.

5. Extend it for another 5 years, for a total value of Rs 1,23,60,728 after 30 years.

6. You will become a millionaire at the age of 55.

Case 3

If you deposit only Rs 7500 per month instead of Rs 10,000, you will be a millionaire by the age of 55, but you must begin investing at the age of 20.

1. If you continue to deposit Rs 7500 in a PPF for 15 years at 7.1 percent interest, the total value is Rs 24,40,926.

2. This amount will be Rs 39,94,973 after 5 years, i.e. after 20 years.

3. In the next five years, or after 25 years, this amount will be – Rs 61,84,809

4. After 5 years, this amount will increase to Rs 92,70,546 after 30 years.

5. If you continue to invest for another 5 years, Rs 1,36,18,714 will be available after 35 years.

6. You will have more than Rs 1.25 crore when you are 55 years old. Remember, the key to becoming a millionaire is to take advantage of PPF compounding, to begin investing early, and to continue investing with patience.


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