Porsche India introduces Porsche authorized for pre-approved vehicles

New Delhi: 

Porsche India has launched the pre-owned Porsche Approved Vehicle system in India. These pre-owned vehicles are tested for quality to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and come with a Porsche Approved warranty with a minimum of 12 months.

Along with the launch of the program, Porsche India also delivered the first pre-authorized customer car, the Porsche 911 GT3 to its customer at Porsche Center Kochi. The keys to the green car, repainted from Black to Green at the request of the customer, were handed over to the owner by Porsche India’s Product Director, Manolito Vujicic.

Speaking at the event, Manolito Vujicic, Product Director of Porsche India, said, “Our Porsche-approved program offers a high pass rate of 111 points for all Porsche previously held. This means that every vehicle must meet the standard of its original condition and thus increase the value of any model bearing the ‘Authorized’ brand. With this brand we guarantee that only original Porsche parts are used and installed by Porsche trained professionals. “

The 111-point check includes document authentication, interior, under damage inspection, external details, engine performance under different loads and much more to ensure the proper feel of a new car. The warranty period depends on the vehicle years, but the parameters reduce the distance to 2,00,000km and six years.

“This is an important step for Porsche India to extend our services to the pre-owned car segment, as it demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction long after the car was sold even to customers who have never had a new Porsche. Our goal is for every Porsche to maintain its high standard regardless of age as a token of gratitude to our customers for their many years of loyalty and support. ” added Vjicic.

Interested customers can visit the Porsche India website and go through Porsche Finder to find their favorite cars and their details and the warranty provided.


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