Pete Davidson Jokes About Seeing Kim Kardashian's Vagina as He Makes Reality Show Debut

“The Kardashians” had a Marvel moment on its Season 1 finale — by including a post-credits scene with a major reveal.

While Pete Davidson didn’t appear on screen, his voice was heard for the very first time in the show’s final moments, as he watched Kim Kardashian record one of her confessionals off-camera.

In the moment, Kim called for Pete to come meet one of the crew members who has done audio for the family and their various reality shows for 14 years.

“She knows everything about me, she’s probably seen my vagina …” Kardashian said, trailing off, as Pete was heard off-camera saying, “More than me?” With a laugh, Kim added, “Not more than you, but she’s probably seen it.”

Her new producer for the Hulu series started laughing and said she hadn’t seen or — or, “haven’t been initiated” yet — adding, “We’ll get there.” Joked Kim: “It takes time to warm up, to seeing my vagina. But you could look on the Internet.”

And that was that.

Elsewhere in the episode, Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick talked about Kim’s new romance and praised the “SNL” alum.

“He’s just a great person, you can tell he cares about people’s feelings,” said Scott, while Khloe said she was happy her sister “has someone that is nice to her, caters to her.”

“She hasn’t had that in a really long time,” added Disick before Khloe praised Pete for making Kardashian laugh, something she believed “everyone needs.”

Disick then said that Kardashian acts “so different in front” of Pete as well, saying that she speaks with “like young slang words” when the two are together. “It’s really cute,” he added of the coupling.

In a confessional, Khloe went on to call Davidson “so sweet,” before comparing Kim’s relationship with her own mess with Tristan Thompson. “I don’t know him really well but from what I do know, it’s really drama-free, it’s really easy,” she explained, “And I think that’s something that’s the end goal. Everyone wants the fairy tale. Love shouldn’t be this hard.”

Earlier this season, Kim also opened up about how things with Pete started, saying she wasn’t really looking for anything serious after they met while she hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

“I was just thinking, like, I heard about this BDE and I need to get out there,” she laughed. “I need to jumpstart.” Then, putting it in plain English, Kim said, “I was basically just DTF.”

As she got to know Pete, though, Kim found herself drawn to him for more than his “energy.” She called him “the best human being I’ve ever met,” going on about his heart and his sense of humor.

“People always say he’s so funny and it all has to do with how funny he is. But that’s, like, fourth on my list of why I like him,” Kim shared. “He always wants the best for people, can handle anything, always does it with grace. He’s really, really thoughtful and humble and so genuine. I would say the perfect word to describe him is genuine.”

The full first season of “The Kardashians” is streaming now.

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