Paytm starts charging extra on mobile recharge for some users

New Delhi: 

Paytm has reportedly started charging some of its users some extra on mobile recharges. This charge can be anywhere between Re 1 and Rs 6, depending on the amount of the recharge. Payment is payable on the renewable mobile payment by UPI or by debit / debit card.

Payment, by now, does not apply to all users, but like most gradual changes, we may see it coming to more Paytm users in the next few days. The Gadgets360 report suggests that users began to see more money in early March when they saw the platform charging users for a small fee of Rs 100 and more.

Back in 2019, Paytm had promised users that it would not charge any luxury or purchase fees to its users, in any form of payment. However, it seems that Paytm’s strategy is changing in the bid to generate more revenue.

Paytm rival PayPm also began charging users’ ‘processing fees’ for mobile charges over Rs 50 in October last year. What the company calls a “limited experience,” however, has already affected hundreds of users who have entered social media to report additional charges.

There is no forum that has not yet determined how the user must pay or not pay the additional fees or processing costs.

At the same time, customers looking to avoid extra fees switch to charging services at other payment platforms such as Google Pay and Amazon Pay, which do not charge users any additional fees yet. The major telecom players in India Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea also have their own apps available for both Android and iOS that allow in-app charging via UPI and other payment methods.


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