Over 500 trains canceled in protest against Agneepath , here's how to get refund on ticket

New Delhi:

A call for Bharat Bandh has been given on Monday amid the ongoing agitation regarding the Central Government’s Agneepath recruitment scheme. Indian Railways has canceled more than 500 trains in view of the bandh.

The Ministry of Railways informed on Monday that 181 Mail Express and 348 Passenger trains have been canceled due to the agitation over the Agneepath scheme. Apart from these, 4 Mail Express and 6 Passenger trains have been partially cancelled. No train has been diverted.

A total of 491 train services were affected across the country on Sunday due to the ongoing agitation. Till 8 pm on 19 June, 229 Mail Express and 254 Passenger trains were canceled while 8 Mail Express were partially cancelled.

Due to protests, many passengers are suffering and if your train is also cancelled, or if you want to cancel your ticket due to delay, check these IRCTC rules on ticket refund:

Refund for online booked tickets 

In case of train cancellation, the ticket, if booked online through IRCTC website or app, is automatically canceled and the money is refunded to your bank account.

Refund for counter booked 


The passenger will have to visit the nearest ticket counter and fill up a form and collect the refund physically. You can also call the helpline number 139 or visit the IRCTC website or app to cancel the ticket.

Refund on train delayed by more than three hours

In this case, if the passenger decides not to travel, he can ask for the refund by submitting the Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) at the counter or through the website/app.


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