McLaren Altura GT4 to debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed globally

New Delhi: 

McLaren Racing unveiled its new race car Artura GT4 when it will make its first international appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed scheduled for June 23-26, 2022.

Based on the Altura supercar, the Altura GT4 is built on top of the winning cars of the 570S GT4 and 720S GT3. It features a new twin-turbo V6 engine and a well-designed setup that is said to be 100 kg lighter than the convertible model.

The Altura GT4 features a seven-speed gearbox compared to the 570S GT4, mainly front with bespoke splitter, dive jets, bonnet pipeline, seven-angle rear wing, while Bosch system controls electrical equipment. 

In addition, the suspension and grip have been improved, and the front wheel width has been increased, creating more grip and reducing tire wear. Although the smooth slider variation provides improved grip and performance, as well as improved performance.

“The Altura GT4 is the second race car to be built from the ground up by McLaren Automotive’s Motorsport division,” said McLaren Automotive director of automotive Ian Morgan.

The Altura GT4 will set the standards for the new class with its light weight, more precise handling features, improved durability, and its major packaging and performance advantages, as well as its easy service with the new V6 powertrain.

McLaren factory driver Rob Bell will drive a car in Goodwood, with a “in-depth” inspection and development plan planned before the full payment of customers by 2023.


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