Man Tries to Rescue Lone Abandoned Kitten From Road — But It's an Ambush

A Good Samaritan who was trying to help a baby animal in need soon discovered it was all part of a sinister trap.

Louisiana man Robert Brantley was driving home from work on Wednesday when he spotted what he thought was a lone kitten, abandoned on the road.

“Passed a baby kitten I knew wouldn’t make it through the night and the wife has been wanting a cat for the farm; figured I’d stop and rescue the thing,” he wrote on his now-viral Instagram post.

“Look, he’s on the side of the road… he’s gonna get killed for sure,” Brantley says in the video, picking the poor orphan up for a closer look — when he suddenly realizes it’s an ambush.

A dozen of the kitten’s siblings, sensing safety, spring out of the bushes and swarm his feet, in what is likely the most adorable video you will see all year.

“Oh my Gosh! I can’t take you all!” Brantley exclaims to the chorus of mews, as even more continue to spill out of the long grass. “I thought I was saving one…. hot diggity dog.”

But despite his protests, the big-hearted Samaritan did take them all — 13 in total — which he is now helping to rehome.

Brantley, who is a competitive shooter, shared a follow-up video of the baker’s dozen scampering around the back of his SUV among his guns and ammo, as he discovered the pains of becoming a sudden mom-of-13.

“I’ve been getting tons of messages and comments about getting the kittens home,” he said. “I was loaded down from a range trip when I was ambushed. So here is the video of them all in.”

“I couldn’t keep up with them as I would throw one in and 2 would jump out. So I had to close the door with the window down and funnel em in. That would have been good footage actually.”

The clip of the ambush quickly racked up tens of millions of views online, as Brantley received an outpouring of messages offering support, supplies and new homes for the kittens.

Brantley hasn’t yet revealed if he still intends keeping one, but going by this video of him getting a bath, our money is on the brave kitten who made first contact… who’s been named Scout.

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