LPG Price Hike: BIG jolt for common man!! New LPG connection becomes costlier

LPG Price Hike:

If you are thinking of getting a new LPG connection then this news may give you a jolt, as now you will have to spend more money. Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have increased the security of new cylinders. The new rates are effective from June 16, 2022.

The latest move may come as another blow to the common man, who is already facing high LPG prices and petrol and diesel prices. With the latest revision, customers will now have to pay Rs 750 more for the service. The cost of a new gas connection will now be Rs 2200, which was earlier Rs 1,450 per connection.

Apart from this, customers taking two cylinders weighing 14.2 kg will have to pay Rs 1500 in addition to the connection charges at the time of taking the connection. That is, now customers will have to pay Rs 4,400 as security for taking two cylinders on getting a new connection.

LPG gas regulator becomes costlier

Now customers will have to pay more money to buy LPG gas regulator. According to the latest information shared by OMCs, now customers will have to pay Rs 250. Earlier the regulator was priced at Rs 150.

Security amount increased for 5 kg LPG cylinders

The security money of 5 kg cylinders has also been increased by the companies. Customers will now have to pay Rs 1150 per 5 kg cylinder instead of Rs 800 earlier.

Meanwhile, customers will have to pay Rs 25 for the passbook that comes with the new gas connection and Rs 150 for the pipe. The cost of a new connection usually covers all such costs. 

However, customers have to pay extra money to get the stove with the LPG cylinder.


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