Kelley Wolf Reveals Why She Really Quit The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans

Kelley Wolf made the decision to pack up her things and exit the “Real World Homecoming: New Orleans” house before filming wrapped on the season finale — and now, viewers are getting some tea on why she really decided it was time to leave.

On the show itself, she sat everyone down and told them “I just had a weird gut feeling this whole time” about the experience. “It should be fun, I’m not cut out for this. I wasn’t the first time,” she added, before reassuring Julie Stoffer that she wasn’t the reason she was leaving.

Well, that’s not exactly true, as Wolf took to Instagram overnight to explain her exit in detail. While she didn’t mention Julie by name, it’s pretty clear that’s who she’s referring to throughout her explanation. She also confirmed some speculation that she actually left much sooner than the show itself let on — explaining why she was MIA at some group activities throughout the season.

“The truth matters. Many of you have voiced confusion at some of my responses and reactions thus far on the Real World Homecoming New Orleans. For the people who have long been a part of this amazing community with me, and have wondered if there is more to the story, there is,” she began.

Saying it’s been a “privilege” to be part of a show that “amplifies” LGBTQ+ voices and conversations about sexuality, race and religion, Wolf — the wife of actor Scott Wolf — said that the “desire to further these conversations was the primary reason I agreed to do the show.”

Unfortunately, for Wolf, the group conversations and situations often took a turn she wasn’t comfortable with.

“The reason for my departure was simple: I felt the need to protect myself and I listened to my instants,” she continued. “This is some of what happened: I was shown a photo of a cast member’s husband’s erection without my consent. I was asked on many occasions how many times I had masturbated, and was baited into conversations of a sexual nature against my consent.”

Stoffer was seen showing both Danny Roberts and Kelley a nude photo of her husband on her phone at one point — before later claiming in a confessional that it was only a shirtless image. Roberts later called Julie out on Stoffer for “obfuscating the true nature of events.”

“These things were gross and uncomfortable and should not happen at work, however, they were not enough to make me leave a show I was excited to be a part of,” Kelley continued.

“The following is why I made that decision: The day before I chose to leave, which was 5 days prior to the end of scheduled filming, this cast member (on our day off, no main cameras were operating) was angered that I seemed to have broken the coffee machine,” she then claimed. “I offered to fix what was broken and the cast member screamed, ‘You f—ed it up!’ and became irate. This person threw their arms in the air and screamed, ‘How does it feel to be a f—ing idiot, how does it feel to be the dumb one?’ while she backed me into a corner of the kitchen.”

Wolf said she “tried to disarm this cast member” and apologized, before the person in question “got in my face and said, ‘No more Ms. Nice (their name) for you’ and continued to scream at me as I left the kitchen.”

“It is important to say that this was a pattern of menacing behavior that seemed to be escalating,” she wrote. “Even after this threat, I tried to remain calm and finish the show as I had intended to. The next morning on a car ride to brunch, the same cast member said, ‘I have a plan and [I intend to execute it].’ Based on the dread I was feeling about what might happen next, I chose to trust my instincts that it was time for me to go.”

She explained that when it came time for the cast to attend a makeshift Mardi Gras parade, she used it as an opportunity to stick around the house and pack her things. She said she chose to do it when Stoffer wasn’t around so Julie couldn’t “try and create a viral tv moment” — adding, “I was interested in keeping my body safe and without fanfare.”

“On camera, I said my decision to leave was due to my own general feelings about the show as a way to keep the calm and be able to remove myself without further incident,” she continued. “You may see me hugging this person and reassuring them, all of which was my way to protect myself by remaining affable and non-confrontational.”

Saying she “struggled” with one cast member in particular, Wolf said this person also “seemed to target me from the start” — so much so that other cast members “had told me to leave, and said they too felt I was not safe” in the situation.

“It is true, I struggle to have fun on demand but we had countless hilarious and funny moments, and meaningful deep conversations. Lifelong friendships have been affirmed and forged. Unfortunately, that isn’t the story you will see,” she added.

Wolf then confirmed that the show was using a bit of a “misleading timeline” in the edit, saying that she had already left before moments shown earlier in the season — like Danny’s ex Paul visiting and the group’s swamp boat tour.

“When I was in the house, I was fully engaged when I was out of the way of this individual,” she continued. “I had an incredible time! It is unfortunate you will not get to see that side of the light.”

In the comments, Roberts left her a string of heart emojis, while Melissa Beck told Kelley to “never apologize.” She added, “Can’t wait to see you. Hot coffee and sliced mangoes. Maybe a walk. Maybe.”

The season finale of “The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans” is streaming now on Paramount+.

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