Karnataka: Man quits IT job to open donkey milk farm, gets orders worth Rs 17 lakh

New Delhi:

42-year-old Srinivasa Gowda left his IT job to open a donkey farm in Karnataka’s Dakshina district. The farm, which opened on June 8, is the first of its kind in Karnataka and the second in country after one in Ernakulam district of Kerala.’ 

A BA graduate, Gowda was previously employed in a software firm until 2020 when he quit and started Isiri farms on a plot of about 2.3 acres in Ira village. He initially started with good breeding. The farm already has bunnies and Kadaknath chickens, in addition to goats. And now, donkeys are the latest addition. According to Gowda, the donkey farm will begin with 20 donkeys.

“When I planned to start donkey farming, there was a lot of criticism. Many people made fun of us. However, a donkey too is a living being. We call them Jack and Jennet (male and female),” Gowda says. He also intends to supply donkey’s milk to people.

“Donkey’s milk has medicinal value. A 30ml of milk packet costs Rs 150 and by next month, we will supply it to supermarkets, malls and shops,” he says. Gowda intends to sell donkey’s milk for beauty products too and says he has received orders worth Rs 17 lakh.


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