Johnny Depp's victory 'not a setback for women', says famous feminist Ms. Burker

New Delhi: 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial made many headlines over the past few weeks and finally, the verdict is now out. After Depp’s massive victory against Heard in their sensation defamation suits, netizens turned to their social media to address the huge hit the win has had over the movement, noting Amber Heard calling the decision a ‘major setback for women’ who have suffered domestic violence.

On this, World-famous feminist, Ms. Burker has opened up and said that it is not really true. She took to Twitter to refute the frenzy going on amongst keyboard critics. She wrote, “The ‘me too’ movement isn’t dead, this system is dead,” she wrote. “This is the same legal system that y’all have been relying on for justice and accountability for decades to no avail. When you get the verdict you want, ‘the movement works’ – when you don’t, it’s dead.”

Further, she added, “When [Harvey] Weinstein went to jail it was, ‘me too is winning!’ When [Bill] Cosby came home it was, ‘What a blow, me too is losing!’ In the meantime – millions of people who have never been able to utter the words ‘it happened to me’ have released the shame that wasn’t theirs to carry in the first place, and we have built the country’s first political agenda created solely by Survivors, and for the first time since Anita Hill took the stand three decades ago we’ve had a sustained national dialogue about, not just sexual harassment, but the spectrum of sexual violence in this country.”

“That’s in addition to various laws and policies passed, etc. This movement is very much ALIVE. You all want to play ping pong and have your way with the hashtag because it doesn’t mean anything to you so you try to kill it every few months. But it means something to millions and millions of folks. It means freedom. It means community. It means safety. It means power. You can’t kill us. We are beyond the hashtag,” she concluded.


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