J.Lo Tears Up, Best Kiss Outrage, Elvis Tribute Disaster and More MTV Movie + TV Awards Highlights

This year, MTV mashed together it’s “MTV Movie & TV Awards” and the “Unscripted” variant for reality television into one three-hour broadcast.

They were still two different shows, but as they took place on the same stage, it was just a matter of rushing out the scripted stars and host Vanessa Hudgens to replace them with reality stars and Tayshia Adams.

All in all, the entire broadcast was a surprisingly uninspired affair. Most of Hudgens’ jokes fell completely flat, with only her adorable giggle salvaging something of them — and often being the only laughs she got. Adams, meanwhile, only showed up a few times in her first-ever hosting gig.

There were a few memorable moments, though, that got Twitter talking, and not always for positive reasons. There was a lot of love and support for Jennifer Lopez, who gave a very emotional speech after winning the Generation Award.

Drew Barrymore and Ryan Reynolds managed to get big laughs during acceptance speeches, while Chrishell Stause had a prescient slip of the tongue that left “Selling Sunset” co-star Emily Hernan’s jaw hanging open.

Meanwhile, one of the most anticipated categories of the night, Best Kiss, left Twitter scratching their heads in shock and outrage — but hey, at least the kiss was recreated onstage. We all love that, right?

But all of that was nothing compared to the abject horror and disgust Twitter had at the show’s well-intended (we hope) Elvis Presley tribute. It was … a mess. And that’s putting it extremely kind.

Jennifer Lopez gave an unorthodox and touching speech that left her emotional, and even unable to speak a few times. Breaking with the tradition of thanking everyone involved in her career, Lopez shared inspirational words of thanks to her doubters.

“I want to thank the people who gave me joy and the ones who broke my heart, the ones who were true and the ones who lied to me,” she said. “I want to thank true love and I want to thank the way that I lied to myself, because that’s how I knew that I had to grow.”

“I want to thank disappointment and failure for teaching me to be strong, and my children for teaching me to love,” she said, as tears started to stream down her face. She went on to thank “thank all the people who told me to my face, or when I wasn’t in the room, that I couldn’t do this.”

“I really don’t think I could have done it without you.”

She then shared a touching tribute to her long-time manager Benny Medina: “You know when someone’s at your side, you know when they are there at your lowest and most hopeless point, you know that they’re there and you never want to let them down. There were times so low I think I kept going more for you than for myself, and I love you.”

As a newer cast-member to the “Jackass” franchise, Sean “Poopies” McInerny didn’t get to enjoy the global heights of their success, but he certainly made a mark on the latest film, and apparently with fans, as well.

He surprised everyone, including presenter David Spade who could not believe he beat out Zendaya, by taking home the coveted Best First Kiss category for his kiss with … a snake.

He then one-upped himself when a staff brought out a 17-foot python onto the stage, with it taking half a dozen or so people to heft the reptile. Clearly nervous about what he was about to do, Poopies quickly kissed the snake.

But Twitter seemed more bothered by the fact that he and the original snake won this category when they were competing against one of the most anticipated kisses of all time in one of the biggest movies of all time between Spider-Man and MJ. Or even Batman/Catwoman.

Ryan Reynolds can’t be bothered. He’s such a big-time movie star these days, when he won for Best Comedic Performance, “Jackass” star Steve-O actually showed up to accept on his behalf — via video. As Steve-O pointed out, Reynolds couldn’t even be bothered to film a pre-taped acceptance speech.

Except that as the video went along, we saw that Reynolds was there, just out of the frame, prompting Steve-O what to say. It was a cute moment, totally in character for Reynolds’ social media personality, though we’re not sure we have the same dream of Steve-O kicking us … anywhere!

Another bit that was actually fun, making it a rare highlight on the night, was Drew Barrymore making multiple appearances after the winner was announced for Best Talk or Topical Show. Spoiler alert: She didn’t win.

Jimmy Fallon took home the honor, filming his acceptance speech from his studio where he delivers his nightly monologue. As he went along thanking all of his fellow nominees, there was one name he kept forgetting. And as he forgot her, Barrymore walked silently in front of him, back and forth.

The whole thing was rather silly, but after a night of jokes falling painfully flat to dead silence from an audience that screams at the very sight of a cast-member from “Euphoria,” it was a welcome moment of light levity.

We’ll call it an adorable sneak preview. While preparing to introduce a trio of stars from the upcoming “Selling The OC” to the stage, Chrishell Stause made a verbal gaffe that was both very telling, and clearly unscripted, as it left co-star Emma Hernan stunned.

It was all during the banter, but clearly Stause was thinking ahead because she totally misread her prompter, saying instead, “Any top real estate agent knows that you always need to be expanding your sexuality– I’m sorry, your territory. Your territory.”

Now, this could have been planned by Stause, but based on her own reaction, and that of Hernan, we’re thinking not. Instead, we think she was thinking about what she planned to say if she won later, which she did.

While picking up the award for Best Reality Star, Stause thanked her fans with an important message. “I knew about this nomination before I had said anything about my sexuality,” she said. “I’m not trying to to get really deep with you guys, but the fact that this was voted on after means so much to me because I wasn’t sure, you know, how that was going to go.”

Stause recently revealed that she is dating non-binary musician G Flip, who was in the audience cheering her on. She explained that she’s “attracted to masculine energy,” and doesn’t “really care what the physical form is.”

With “Elvis” set to come out later this month, and his granddaughter on stage to hype the movie with a sneak peek, we were all for a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll — but what was that?!

We understand that rock and roll doesn’t dominate music like it used to, but that doesn’t mean you can reasonably trot out Swae Lee and have him perform your tribute using extremely obvious autotune. How do you autotune a tribute to the King?

The answer, according to Twitter, is you don’t. They don’t even care that the “Tupelo Shuffle” track is actually part of the “Elvis” soundtrack — or maybe they’d rather it not be there, either. The bottom line is when it comes to paying homage to the King, this wasn’t it.

For some reason, video of this performance doesn’t appear to be available anywhere (maybe it’s for the best). In the meantime, here’s the official audio release of the track as it appears on the album.

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