Jennifer Meyer Shares Rare Details About Her Divorce From Tobey Maguire

Jennifer Meyer and Tobey Maguire are proving that exes can be friends.

During an appearance on “The World’s First Podcast,” the 45-year-old jewelry designer opened up about her divorce from the actor six years after their split.

Despite parting ways, Jennifer had only positive things to say about her relationship with her ex-husband.

“It’s been the most beautiful experience of my life having this beautiful breakup,” she confessed. “I can’t even explain. I would literally do anything in the world for Tobey. He is my brother. I love him to death and we have the most beautiful family.”

Although the two may now have a healthy symbiotic relationship, Meyer noted that it hadn’t always been easy learning to co-parent their children Ruby, 15, and Otis, 13.

“The work is a motherf—ker. I’m not gonna lie. And we did a lot of work to stay on track to stay a family,” she admitted. “It was a choice and it was trusting in, like, the universe has got our back.”

“We talk about our significant others and ‘Hey, you got the kids? I’m going for a weekend away,’ you know what I mean? Now it’s like, anything, or I mean, ‘Hey, I’m having a hard day’ or ‘Hey, you did this, it really bummed me out,'” she said of their ability to communicate.

Jennifer continued, “We’re able to get through it, but it all goes back to the universe has your back if you stay on track.”

During a 2018 interview with Us Weekly, Meyer went as far as to describe Maguire as the “greatest ex-husband a girl could ever have.”

“The day begins with the kids and ends with the kids,” she gushed “So you manage to get your time in and work hard in the middle, you know? They’re really amazing kids, so we figure it out together.”

Jennifer concluded her sentiments, “It just manages to work out really well.”

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