Inspirational: With organic farming & crypto returns, Janardan Khorate takes retirement at 32

New Delhi:

The trend of organic farming in India came approximately 6-7 years ago. However, David Bower and his wife have been building organic farms in India since 1993. Janardan Khorate, born in a village, saw struggle and hardships most of his childhood and while he grew up. In pursuit of a better life for his parents, Khorate promised his parents to evolve as an accomplished businessmen. He went on to pursue his graduation in special economics and later pursued MBA and diploma in import-export studies.

A couple from London came to India in 1993 to initiate organic farming through their venture Ambrosia Organic Farms. One day, Khorate and David Gower’s paths crossed and lives changed for the better. Gower was swooned by Khorate’s dedication, passion for farming, and the willpower to make life fruitful. Khorate’s contribution to the trend of organic farming goes back to the 90s era. Today, Khorate is known as John D’mello; the man who fetched numerous achievements for Ambrosia Organic farms and became India’s first rice cake manufacturer in 2015 and was recognised as the youngest organic farmer in India in 2015. 

Janardan Khorate – famous as Saladbaba, travelled to different cities to learn modern organic farming techniques, applied his learnings, and made Ambrosia Organics Farms 2017 rising brand in Asia. David Gower handed over the business to Khorate and since then, Ambrosia Organic Farms are thriving and flourishing even in foreign lands.

Now, Janardan is on the mission to aid farmers by supplying free seeds and compost to all his registered Indian farmers. “I have successfully connected more than 4,000 organic farmers across India from Tamil Nadu to Himachal Pradesh. 20% of the profit from Ambrosia Organic Farms goes towards the education of farmers’ children,” adds Khorate. “Every year a huge number of farmers connect with us. After lockdown, the numbers increased more than 300%.”

 Khorate is retiring at 32 and plans to travel and act as an advisor to organic farming companies.


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