Indian Railways: TTE hassle of confirming waiting ticket in moving train is now over! Check new rules HERE

New Delhi:

There is some good news for Indian Railways passengers. A new system for confirming waiting tickets is now being implemented. Passengers with waiting tickets will not have to go through TTE under the new system. When a seat becomes available, their ticket will be automatically confirmed.

Passengers with waiting tickets are frequently seen in trains circling the TTE back and forth. Even after making tons of requests, the ticket is not confirmed, and many times, the ticket is confirmed by paying a bribe of a few rupees. However, this is no longer the case because Indian Railways is changing its system.

Passengers will now be able to easily confirm their tickets while on the move. All TTEs will be outfitted with hand-holding devices under this new arrangement. When a reserved seat becomes available on this device, it is automatically updated in real time, confirming the seats of passengers with waiting tickets.

The updated chart is currently distributed approximately 30 minutes before the train’s departure. The TTE then manually verifies the RAC in the moving train, followed by the waiting ticket. Because the system is manual, it is done at the discretion of TTE. Instead of the RAC, they frequently confirm tickets to waiting passengers. In such a situation, whose ticket should have been confirmed earlier, he is in trouble. Passengers with waiting tickets, on the other hand, will no longer face this issue under the new system.

Response to passenger complaints

Railway officials were inundated with complaints about TTE’s arbitrariness. Because of the passenger issue, officials have decided to make changes to the system. The Railway Board has now mandated that all TTEs provide hand-held devices. These items are now being distributed to TTEs from all railway divisions.

The Agra division will also receive equipment soon

According to an Agra division official, 300 devices will be discovered soon in their location. When the reserved seat becomes available, the TTE on the device must be updated in real time. The seat confirmation message will then be sent to the passenger’s phone as soon as the seat becomes available. Passengers will no longer have to make rounds of TTE or warm their pockets in this manner.


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