India run by Constitution, not 'criminal law' of Sharia: VHP

New Delhi:

Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Saturday said there are some ‘Jihadi elements’ manipulating the Muslim community and guiding them to the ‘path of violence and lawlessness. 

“It is a matter of concern that some Jihadi elements amongst the Muslims are trying to take the general Muslim community on the path of violence and lawlessness. It is neither good for them nor good for this country. We want to warn all those elements and everybody must understand that India is run by its own constitution and not by the Sharia criminal law,” said VHP chief Alok Kumar in a self-made video. 

“An FIR has been registered and the police is investigating the cases. We are satisfied that the government is taking action against the rioters. But there should be no negligence in these actions,” added VHP chief.

He further said that the entire loss which is caused to the property should be recovered from the same people who commit such acts and the process of recovery needs to be accelerated.

“No mob has the right to decide who is a criminal, nor has the right to punish any criminal itself. We do not have heresy, Papacy and blasphemy laws in our country,” he added.

Expressing concern that if this incident of violence continues then it may also affect people of other communities, Kumar said, “India is governed by the Constitution, whoever works against it will have to be prepared for its consequences. There is also a concern that if all this goes on continuously, then its reaction may affect other societies as well and if this happens, then it will not be good for anyone, so everyone should be careful.”

A controversy erupted after controversial remarks made by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma and expelled leader Naveen Jindal on Prophet Muhammad.

Nationwide protests erupted on Friday and later turned violent in many states following the incidents of stone-pelting and torching of several vehicles and vandalisation. 

(With inputs from ANI)


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