Here’s how you can read deleted WhatsApp messages

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Whatsapp has changed many things over time. Some time ago Whatsapp gave the option of delete message. After this, there was a problem for many people about how to read Delete Whatsapp Message? However, no such option has been given by Whatsapp so that the deleted message can be read. But it is not that the deleted message cannot be read, so let us first tell you how it is possible-

There are many third party apps with the help of which deleted messages can also be read. It has third party apps like WAMR and WhatsRemoved+ for Android users. Deleted messages can be recovered from these apps. We haven’t used these apps, but according to the feedback on the internet, they work. Apart from this, there are many apps too. Remember all these apps are only available for Android users.

But there is no such app for iOS users, from which you can read deleted messages. iPhone users will be deprived of such apps. Keeping in mind the security features, no such app is given place on the App Store.

How to see the message-

Actually, the direct work of these apps is to save someone’s messages as soon as they are sent. Once messages are saved, they cannot be deleted from these apps. Even if those messages are allowed to be deleted from WhatsApp, they are saved in them. This is the reason that even if messages are deleted from Whatsapp, they remain here. But due to this, there is also the fear of leaking personal data at times.


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