"HELLO you want a job?", THIS is how girls defrauded unemployed guys

New Delhi:

Noida police have arrested a gang that used to make calls to unemployed youths and extort money under the garb of providing jobs. A man who was duped by this gang made a formal complain at a police station. The police had arrested 5 people who ran the gang. 

The entire matter is from Sector-20 of Noida where the complaint was filed. Out of the five people who were arrested two are girls. The modus operandi of the gang was to demand money on the pretext of harnessing employment for the youths. 

The investigation in the matter revealed that the girls used to call and talk to the people who were looking for job. The other members of the gang used to arrange details of the unemployed youths. 

The police made the arrests from Sector-18 of Noida. They have rented a office from where they used to work. 

The people who were arrested identified as Priya Chauhan, Anshu Gupta, Abhishek Yadav, Aryan Gupta and Kishan Kumar. Police have recovered 8 cell phones, 27 receipt book and recruitment forms, and Rs 3370 cash.

The girls used to call the people looking for jobs to their office and then used to extract money for jobs. The gang is active for the past 6 months. On Sunday all the people were arrested and sent to jail.


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