Govt of India failed this nation: NCP's Supriya Sule over several protests outbreaks


In the wake of several protests outbreaks in different parts of the country, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Supriya Sule on Saturday lashed out at the central government saying the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has failed the nation. Sule pointed out that these are BJP-run run states where the protests are taking place and turning violent. 

“Government of India (GoI) needs to get its act

 together. Be it Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi or Uttar Pradesh, GoI has failed this nation. It’s a signal of something simmering. People do not just pelt stones, these

‘re all BJP-run states,” said Sule.  

Emphasising on the disrupting law and order situation in Delhi, the NCP leader asserted that the Union Home Ministry “is in-charge of the security and safety of Delhi which is the national capital.” 

“It’s high time to take some ownership and stop talking about jingoism and go go beyond the barriers of just having meetings after meetings and making some statements. That’s not what’s happening in the field,” she added.  

Taking about the protests in Jammu and Kashmir, the NCP leader said she remembers speeches of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in parliament where he “assured safety and security for people of this country and Srinagar.”

On being asked about the protest turning violent, she said, “Then, what is the police doing there?”

Lately, many states have witnessed outrageous protests after BJP’s former national spokesperson Nupur Sharma had pass objectionable comments over Prophet Mohammad during a debate on the Gyanvapi issue on an English news channel. 

On June 10, protests were reported from Ranchi, Howrah, Kolkata, Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi etc. 

Sharma’s comments over Prophet Mohammad attracted global criticism especially from the Gulf countries. The 57-member OIC had raised concerns against the “systematic harassment of minorities in India”.


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