Google Chrome Update: Know details

New Delhi: 

Many security flaws have been found in Google Chrome, with which the risk of hacking on users has increased even more. However, Google has worked very fast on this and has now released an update that solves this problem. 

In response to this update, India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and the United States Cyber Security Agency (CISA) have asked users to update to the latest version of Chrome.

According to a Google post, there were 7 security flaws in Chrome out of which 4 were considered critical. Due to these flaws, hackers can hack the system and gain complete control over them. “These loopholes allow hackers to insert their own codes into the system,” said an advisory from the nodal agency.

Due to the newly updated version of Google Chrome with version 102.500005.115, this type of bug has been fixed. In the last few weeks, such a matter was also reported to the company. Then finally, Google has rolled out an update for Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Although Google has not given anything about the reason for these flaws at the moment, but the company has definitely shared their tracking numbers. Four of Google’s 7 flaws are coded as CVE-2022-2007, CVE-2022-2008, CVE-2022-2010 and CVE-2022-2011.

CVE-2022-2007 is a use-after-free (UAF) flaw that exists in the API from WebGPU. This was first reported by David Manoucheri on 2022-05-17. At the same time, CVE-2022-2008 is classified as out-of-bounds memory access in WebGL and was reported by Khangkito on 2022-04-19. 

CVE-2022-2010 is classified as read out of bounds in compositing. Whereas CVE-2022-2011 is classified as free after use in ANGLE.


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