Goodbye KK: Singer was not well during the concert, videos of his health deteriorating goes VIRAL

Goodbye KK: 

Singer KK said goodbye to the world on Tuesday night, giving a never-ending shock to the entertainment industry and fans. Meanwhile, questions have been raised on the hotel regarding his death. Also, fans are now sharing KK’s last video from his LIVE performance in Kolkata yesterday. Some videos also show him sweating hard on stage, wiping his face with a towel and complaining about the AC at the performance venue.

Krishnakumar Kunnath (KK), who made everyone crazy with his melodious voice, is no longer in this world. Singer’s health deteriorated at a concert in Kolkata last night and he was declared brought dead at the hospital. Fans are finding it difficult to believe that their favourite singer KK is no longer in this world. However, now it is being told that the singer had said about his deteriorating health during the live concert.

KK’s health suddenly started getting worse while performing at the fest of Gurudas College in Kolkata. While entertaining the audience, the singer was repeatedly telling his colleagues about his health going bad. When more trouble started, he asked the makers to turn off the spotlight and lower AC’s temperature. Around 8:30 pm, KK returned to the hotel after finishing the live concert, in not a very good condition.

However, even after coming to the hotel, he did not get rest and he suddenly collapsed. After which around 10:30 he was taken to the Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), where he was declared brought dead. During this, senior doctors, administrative officers and senior police officers of the hospital were present. At present, the post-mortem of Singer’s body is being done, as well as his family has reached Kolkata from Delhi to collect the dead body.


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