Good News for home buyers in Delhi! DDA to sell 17 lakh houses; Know areas HERE

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) buys and sells flats in Delhi on a regular basis. Recently, the buying and selling of 17 lakh flats in Delhi has resumed. The Delhi Development Authority reopened the land pooling portal on Saturday after a three-month hiatus. Farmers can also register their land with the DDA for acquisition until August 28.

The portal has reopened

Although the portal had been closed earlier in February, it has now reopened. However, some policy changes are taking place. The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Areas also issued a notification regarding land pooling policy in 2018. People will now be given access to 17 lakh flats.

17 lakh new homes will be built

The Delhi Development Authority has reopened the land pooling portal for three months. Initially, village land was excluded because it was not part of the urban rural area, but it has now been divided into 109 sectors. This plan is also divided into six zones. According to the plan, 17 lakh houses will now be built in Delhi.

Zones J, K1, L, N, P-1, and P-2 have been assigned to these areas. These zones have also included 104 villages. The region as a whole is divided into 129 sectors. The DDA website also has information on the landowners map for the sectors in the land pooling area.

So far, a large amount of land has been registered

Previously, on 10 December 2021, the portal for registration under this policy was launched, with a deadline of 28 February 2022. The DDA received 7275.45 hectares of land as of December 10, an increase of 344.05. DDA has now registered 7619.95 hectares of land. This time, 290 applications were received. In addition, applications for Zone J and P1 have been submitted, and the land has been registered. This portal has now been reopened.


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