France: Widespread panic as man conducts needle attacks on over 100 girls


A 20-year-old man has been charged with needle attacks on several young women in France. The young man was arrested on Sunday after several new incidents surfaced in southern France. 

Twenty people reported being injured by needles during the shooting of a television concert on Toulon’s Riviera beach on Friday evening. A woman has been admitted to hospital after being attacked with a needle.

As soon as they came in front of the incident, there was a commotion. Prosecutors in Toulon said two women had identified the suspect. This person has been charged with serious and premeditated armed violence. 

Police said, “Prosecutors have stated that the accused has denied the allegations of assault. But there are enough witness statements, due to which he can be produced in court.

Girls being targeted

About 100 cases of needle attack have been reported since the beginning of this year. Girls are being targeted through this. Girls who are targeted have common symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness and sharp pain. Later they notice needle prick marks on their skin. Where the needle is inserted, the color of the skin also looks changed. People are scared of this attack because they do not know what kind of needle is being pierced.

Six new cases came to light

New cases have been seen during the shooting of the music festival. Six teenagers aged 17-18 have complained of sudden sharp pain in their hands and arms during a celebration in Belfort, eastern France. Meanwhile, seven girls have complained of needle attack during the shooting. This is where the suspect was arrested. Such cases are coming to the fore from different cities of the whole country. Most of the victims have been asked to undergo blood test. Some have been given preventive medicines for HIV and hepatitis.


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