Fairness of token system launched yesterday to provide fuel in dispute

By Ifham Nizam

The issuance of tokens to consumers who queued up at filling stations took place yesterday in most parts of the country, caused inconvenience to commuters.

The Island

witnessed a mixed reaction from vehicle owners in Wattala and Enderamulla.

However, the Joint Secretary of the Petroleum Distributors’ Association Kapila Nabatuna yesterday told the media that he strongly opposed the issuance of ‘tokens by the security forces.

He said that those ‘tokens’ were not available to people who really needed fuel, and it was only available to those who had made it a habit to spend time in queues.

“After obtaining a ‘token’ without any formality, they can go to another filling station and get a ‘token’ and the thugs who are in control of the petrol stations will get those ‘tokens’, he said.

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera prior to his departure to Qatar with his Cabinet colleague Environment Minister Nazir Ahamed on Sunday said the tokens would be issued to dedicated filling stations, and it could not be tampered with.

He also urged the public to refrain from lining up at filling stations due to limited stocks of fuel.


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