EXPLAINED: 'AGNIPATH' Scheme; salary, savings and additional benefits

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In accordance with the Agnipath scheme which was recently rolled out by the Ministry of Defence for recruitment of people into Army, Navy and Air Force. The rank that will be given to these recruited people will be ‘Agniveers’. The candidates who will be employed under this scheme will receive around 40 to 45 thousand rupees every month. The age limit of these candidates will be 17 to 21 years.

As per the government, the scheme will be active and initiate recruitments within 90 days. At the preliminary stage, the Army will garner 40,000 ‘Agniveers’, the Navy will garner 3000 ‘Agniveers’ and the Air Force will garner 3,500 ‘Agniveers’.

The country has witnessed many protests and demonstrations against the launch of ‘Agnipath’ scheme. Students are wondering what their options will be after four years of job. The government has majorly responded on this issue saying that most students, after clearing class 12


, undergo skill-training, higher education or take jobs. The government claims that they are providing the youth of the country with three options at the same time. They will be getting good salary and a great bank balance after four years. Moreover, they also get skill training while doing their jobs. 

Under the National Education Policy, whatever former training they receive, they will be simultaneously awarded credit points for it. They are open to continue their higher education after this course. In a timespan of four years, the net salary that will be credited into the account of the recruits will be Rs 23,43,160. This amount is inclusive of the retirement fund apart from the salary. 

Salary Breakup for 4 years

The ‘Agniveers’ will be receiving an amount of Rs 30,000 per month for the first year; Rs 33,000 per month for the second year; Rs 36,500 per month for the third year and Rs 40,000 for the fourth year. There will be a 30 per cent deduction on the income which will be reimbursed by the government. Apart from the salary the ‘Agniveers’ will be getting an additional allowance for risk and hardships, ration allowance, and dress and travel allowance. These allowances basically cover all the basic amenities like, food, health benefits and housing apart from their salary. 

This is the amount that ‘Agniveers’ will get post the deduction of retirement funds

First year breakup- Rs 21,000 per month which amounts to Rs 2,52,000.

Second year breakup- Rs 23,100 per month which amounts to Rs 2,77,200

Third year breakup- Rs 25,580 per month which amounts to Rs 3,06,960

Fourth year breakup- Rs 28,000 per month which amounts to Rs 3,36,000

In totality, the net amount that will be received by the ‘Agniveers’ is Rs 11,72,160. If the recruits want, they can save up their entire salary as the ‘Agniveers’ will be getting all cost of food, housing, healthcare, and dress covered by the government. The recruits can save up Rs 23,43,16 in four years which they can utilise in future.

At the age of 21 to 24, ‘Agniveers’ will be relieved. But at this age, Rs 11,72,160 will be received from the government as a lump sum amount. There will be no income tax on this amount. This can be seen as retirement fund as this half of the contribution will be of ‘Agniveer’, and the remaining half will be given by the government. Along with this, the amount received as salary can also be saved. This amount can be further utilised for future either in higher education or even for establishing any other business venture.

These are the benefits for ‘Agniveers’ as per the government

These ‘Agniveers’ will later be presented with an opportunity to become a permanent employee. Every 1 out of 4 ‘Agniveer’ will get a guaranteed job. These ‘Agniveers’ can later be recruited in Home Ministry’s CAPFs and Assam rifles, as they will be given a priority status. The ‘Agniveers’ will also be getting a four-year graduation degree while they are actively being trained. The graduation degree will be recognised not just within India but also throughout the world. 

If an ‘Agniveer’ is martyred in the line of duty, the family of the deceased will get an amount of Rs 1 crore as a compensation for the loss of life. Apart from it if someone turns handicapped, he will be getting an amount of Rs 44 Lakhs as well as the salary for the remaining tenure. 

The eligible youths are clueless about what will happen if they are not made permanent than what options will be left for them. Well, as a matter of fact, after four years they will again turn unemployed, in case they aren’t qualified to be made permanent. They will not receive any sort of salary or pension.


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