Dipanshu Sharma-starrer 'Rome-Antic' to raise issues like mental health, substance abuse on international stage

Rome, Italy:

In our daily busy lives, we often tend to ignore ‘petty issues’ like mental health, substance abuse, etc. Raising such issues on an international stage is Dipanshu Sharma-starrer independent film  “Rome-Antic”. Shot in Italy’s Rome, the independent film’s lead character, portrayed by Dipanshu, goes through mental health and substance abuse issues. The film is scheduled to premiere at American and European film festivals. 

It is a no-brainer that Dipanshu makes it a mark to leave impact with the choice of his projects, despite of all the hardships which are difficult to comprehend for an Indian actor working in the European community.

Independent spirit, charming looks, this Indian Artist is a powerhouse of talent and determination.

Since Dipanshu started his training in method acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute, Los Angeles, under the best acting coaches representing the South Asian community, His commitment is expressed in the characters he chooses to live onscreen. Dipanshu’s foundation for his craft was laid by the prestigious National School of Drama in Delhi, getting an opportunity to be part of the Sahitya Kala Parishad Group, the very first performance of his on stage was in the play “Raavan Leela”

The first time he played a corrupt cop in college, he garnished immense praise. He recalls the feeling of being recognized by people for his on-stage charm and acting abilities.

In his own words, “

I lit up when people showed appreciation in my work, it was an out of the world feeling.” “The way I carried myself I realized I was meant for it; it was not just a hobby for me


It is not easy to choose an unconventional career path and to make it globally, on top of that. In the past, we have watched him in projects like “That Winning Feeling”, directed by Luc Mariscotti, where Dipanshu portrayed the character of a chess player who was dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder.

His career trajectory has been marshaled so far on every level, from smart choices, listening to his inner voice, the near-universal love and support.

In Baking 101, Dipanshu embodied a character struggling to balance his life between a same sex relationship and the cultural dogmas entailing underbelly of mental pressure, rigid stereotypical perspective of the society, uprooting his family life eventually leaving a traumatic scar on the psyche. His ability to embrace the pain and suffering speaks for the remarkable vulnerability that he’s committed to bring for his characters while breaking the cultural barriers for the ongoing generation.

The actor feels immensely and deeply for the struggles and the lifestyle of the deaf community and the issue is part of his long term creative project plan.

 Besides being an actor Dipanshu is also an eccentric dancer, recently he was seen in the music video for Holi, The song has 55 lakh views on YouTube as of now.

Interestingly, when asked for one highlight moment when he realized his needs to attend acting school in USA, he said, “I went to Mumbai for marketing internship but ended up on a set for a commercial shoot. While I was there, I was thrashed for not being right for the profession. It was in that moment I decided to go to Strasberg to get the right training and direction to be able to represent my country as a professional artist on a global scale.”  

Currently, Dipanshu is not only an alumnus of one of the best acting schools in the world, but he is constantly working to bring out issues that need to be addressed in Indian community through his creative pursuits. His zeal is startling, his actions to uplift the Indian community are quick-witted and whip smart. He is on an indisputable mission to increase diversity and put Asian actors at the forefront of global artistic community.


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