Diesel buyers duped with water filled cans

An incident where two persons waiting in line to get diesel near a filling station were given three plastic cans filled with 60 liters of water claiming to be diesel fuel and defrauding Rs. 24,000 on Poson Full Moon Day was reported from Bandaragama.

One of the victims was carrying king coconuts in a small van and selling it to make a living while the other was the owner of a mini lorry.

They have been waiting in line for about five days near a petrol station in the Bandaragama town and had become friends.

A stranger who had approached them on the evening of Tuesday had asked them whether they are willing to buy diesel which was ‘collected’ by him. After a few days of not eating properly and not being able to sleep properly, the two of them were happy with what the man said and agreed to buy it without a second thought.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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