Demi Lovato Enters New Pop-Punk Era with Song & Music Video For 'Skin of My Teeth'

Goodbye to pop star Demi Lovato — the singer has officially gone pop-punk.

On Friday, Demi, 29, dropped a new song and accompanying video for “Skin Of My Teeth,” the first single off their upcoming album, “Holy Fvck.”

In the heavy guitar-filled, electric track, the Grammy-winner references their past struggles with addiction as well as their stints in rehab, and more importantly, how they have overcome their battles.

Demi opens the song by mentioning their struggles head-on, singing, “Demi leaves rehab again/ When is this s— gonna end?”

In the chorus, Lovato appears to describe their demons. “I’m alive by the skin of my teeth/ I survived but it got harder to breathe/ Asking why doesn’t make it easier/ Go easier on me,” they sing. “God damn it I just want to be free/ But I can’t ’cause it’s a f—ing disease.”

They add in the bridge, “I’m just trying to keep my head above water/ I’m your son and I’m your daughter, I’m your mother, I’m your father — I’m just a product of the problem.”

The music video, above, finds Demi in different scenes, including the star rocking a grunge look while socking in a bathtub as well as playing the electric guitar in the rain. The clip follows Demi as they are haunted by a male demon-like figure with a video camera, who seemingly represents their own personal demons. Demi ultimately defeats the figure.

During an appearance on Thursday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Demi opened up about the inspiration behind “Holy Fvck” and returning to their pop-punk roots, similar to their first and second studio albums: “Don’t Forget” (2008) and “Here We Go Again” (2009).

The “Cool for the Summer” singer also revealed they created the album while “clean and sober.”

“I’ve definitely been through a ton, that’s no secret to the world,” they said of how the album is the most they’ve felt like themselves. “After going through even more stuff last year, I came out of treatment again and I realized, I really want to do this for myself and I want to make the best album possible, something that really represents who I am. And I think the best way to do that — and the easiest way to do something the most authentic is to do it clean and sober.”

“So I made this album clean and sober. I can’t say that about my last album,” they added, referencing last year’s “Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over.” “But this one I’m really, really proud about.”

They also performed “Sing Of My Teeth” for the first time on the late-night show. Check out the performance, above.

“Holy Fvck,” Demi’s eighth studio album, will be released on August 19, one day before Demi’s 30th birthday. According to a press release, the album, which will include 16 tracks, is described as “a sonic journey grounded in Demi’s rock and pop-punk roots and illustrates an earnest yet tongue-in-cheek retrospective of their life experiences.”

“The process of making this album has been the most fulfilling yet, and I’m grateful to my fans and collaborators for being on this journey with me,” they shared in a statement. “Never have I been more sure of myself and my music, and this record speaks that for itself. To my Lovatics who have been rocking out with me since the beginning and those who are just now coming along for the ride, thank you. This record is for you.”

Demi will also hit the road on a 32-date tour throughout North and South America. The “Holy Fvck”  Fall Tour kicks off on August 13 in Springfield, Illinois.

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