Delilah Hamlin Shares Hilarious TikTok of Herself Waking Up From Anesthesia After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Delilah Hamlin was left a little loopy after her wisdom teeth removal.

The 23-year-old took to TikTok to thank her dentist for putting her under and joked that she had received an early birthday present in the form of anesthesia.

“My early birthday present from my doctor is the anesthesia that I’m getting today, so that’s really nice of him. Thank you so much Justin,” she joked before cutting to a series of hilarious clips of her waking up from her procedure.

“I’m high as f–k,” Delilah said groggily before her doctor assured her that she was okay. The reality star then stared blankly into space before asking a silent room of doctors and nurses, “Did you say that?”

Hamlin began waving the pulse oximeter on her finger, skeptically telling her doctors, “I feel like I haven’t woken up from [the anesthesia] for a long a– time guys.”

When she asked “how many minutes ago” she had woken up, her doctor then assured her that she had actually woken up pretty quickly, and that Delilah had opened her eyes five minutes after her procedure.

With a mind-blown look on her face, Hamlin then mis-declared: “time persession!”

Her team of doctors chuckled in the background as she exclaimed, “Why am I so confused?”

Back in February 2022, Hamlin took to her Instagram Stories to announce her sobriety. In a video the model exclaimed, “Hi, I’m six months sober!”

The 23-year-old opened up about her accidental overdose in a November 2021 post detailing her until-then private health battle. At the time, she said she started seeing a psychiatrist to deal with panic attacks she was having and he “over-prescribed” her.

“He gave me three milligrams of Xanax a day, so my body got dependent on Xanax number one, and number two I over-dosed.”

She claimed that she was also put on the beta blocker propranolol and “overdosed” on it after taking it with Benadryl at the same time. “I ended up in the hospital,” she added.

Hamlin said she later entered a holistic treatment center for her Xanax dependency.

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