DA Hike: Good News for central employees!! Salary will jump from July 1

Dearness Allowance Hike:

There is a big piece of good news for central government employees. From July 1, their salary is going to increase. The central government is going to increase the dearness allowance (DA) from July 1. 

The dearness allowance (DA) is estimated to range from 34% to 38%. This will have a direct impact on the salary of central employees. Let us know how much salary will increase after increasing dearness allowance.

In the midst of rising inflation, there is good news for the central employees. The government is increasing the DA in July. The AICPI said that dearness allowance may exceed 4% in July-August.

Between January-February, the AICPI index had registered a decline. Then this figure was 125.1. After this it became 125 in February. But in March it saw an increase and this month it was at 126. The April-May-June numbers are yet to come. If the AICPI index increases by 126 then the government may increase the DA by 4%.

If government hikes DA by 4%, DA of central employees will increase by 34% to 38%.

Minimum salary calculation

1) Basic salary of central employee – Rs 18000

Dearness Allowance 38% / month, – 6840

Till now it was 34% rupees / month 6120

How much allowance increased dearness 6840 – 6120 = Rs 720 / month

Increase in annual salary 720 X12 = Rs 8640

2) Basic salary of central employee – Rs 56000

Dearness Allowance 38% / month, – 21,622

Till now it was 34% / month 19,346

By how much dearness allowance increased 21,622- 19,346 = Rs 2,276 / month

Increase in annual salary 2,276 X12 = Rs 27,312


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