Crypto Set To Trump The Stock Market With Utility Projects Vechain (VET) and Parody Coin (PARO)

A bear in bulls clothing

The recent reports of 


 rising, with indicators showing highs not seen in the last 40 years, has resulted in both crypto and the 

stock market

 taking a dive. However, what is interesting about the crypto market is that indicators are showing retail investors are 

buying the dip

 with some coins seeing a buy order level of 80% and just 20% selling.

We can deduce from these figures that institutional investors are exiting the market, as although there has been a 10% increase across the market the day of writing, institutional orders are generally far larger than your average retail user. So the price is not a reflection of the bullish sentiment from everyday users.

It is true that price movements are to some degree issued by whale investors, particularly across the most popular coins, but the fact that so many separate, individual orders are coming in shows how much faith there is in the market. This shows a likelihood that crypto will continue to outperform the 

stock market

. Therefore, we are seeing the makings of a bear market in bulls clothing.

Vechain, the logistics project streamlining supply chain management

While crypto sentiment remains bullish, many companies are looking to cut costs amidst the expected economic downturn. As such, many individuals are being laid off and more efficient measures are required for corperates to maintain profitability.

Consequently, a protocol like 

Vechain (VET) 

that enhances efficiency within supply chain management is likely a good option to invest in as companies will look for alternative ways to combat a change in operations, and many companies have already implemented the technology.

BMW, Renault, and PwC are all companies that have used 


 to aid them in upscaling efficiency by tracking data, shipments, temperature levels for perishable goods, and even location. The process is done through the use of sensors that transfer the information directly onto the blockchain and is available for immediate reviews upon payment using their native coin VET.

With efficiency more important than ever during times of recession expect to see the demand for utilisation of 



How Parody Coin will save you money trading NFT’s

An interesting new project that is having a successful Presale is 

Parody Coin (PARO)

Parody Coin’s

 aims to create a more competitive environment within the NFT space by allowing users to create parodies of the best NFT’s. The concept behind the project is NFT’s that provide utility are regularly difficult to share and distribute due to the Ethereum Marketplace having gas fees that in many cases cost more than the NFT selling price.

Parody is thus creating an NFT marketplace that will have low gas fees, as well as being cross-asset and cross-chain compatible to promote a more fair and equal way to share NFT’s. Moreover, for unique NFT’s, Parody offers a service where you can transfer the parody copy to the original by minting and burning the original upon creation of the parody. Therefore, potentially saving thousands of dollars in gas fees and reducing the opportunity cost of trading the assets.

Parody Coin has the potential to provide real utility in the market and should be seriously considered as an asset to add to your portfolio, particularly if you are interested in the growing Web 3.0 space.

Leave with no regrets

While you should never invest more than you are able or willing to lose, and diligent research is strongly encouraged before entering any investment, the crypto market is set to continue to outperform the stock market. With the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology only going to increase, use this opportunity to 

buy the dip

 and make sure that you don’t look back with any regrets.

Parody Coin (PARO)




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